Bruntál is one of the earliest cities founded in Czech lands. The first records documenting the existence of the city date from 1233. It is said that it is a city between the mountains and water. You can find it among Jeseniky mountains, the highest mountain of Moravia and Silesia, and one of the largest Czech pond Slezska Harta.

Place description

Mountains Jeseniky near Bruntal are not only a great place for relaxing, but also for an active holiday with hiking and biking. And for lovers of winter vacation this mountain offers several ski areas. The city Bruntal also supports and gives priority to the development of tourism. Recently, for example, there was built a new wellness centre or the city park was reconstructed.

Tourist attractions in the town and surrounding areas:

Bruntál Chateau and Gardens - The first historical records of the building on this site, which was originally a castle, date back to 1506. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the original castle was rebuilt into a chateau, with its current look dating from 1766. In the late 18th century, an English Park was built on the grounds.

Lake Slezská Harta - This manmade lake was created after the building of a dam on the Moravice River in 1997, which used to flow through a narrow valley. The length of the dam is 17 km, width 1,7 km. It serves as a protection against floods, but also for fish farming and water sports.

Uhlířský Vrch Volcano - This natural landmark is one of the youngest volcanoes in the country. On the top of the remains of the volcano is the picturesque Church of Virgin Mary the Blessed, a single aisle Baroque building dating to 1756 - 1765. The church is accessible through an alley of lime trees.

Karlova Studánka - A climatic and ferrous-carbonated spa. This spa with very clean air is used for the treatment of pulmonary conditions, vascular conditions, blood conditions and certain types of occupational illnesses.

Jeseníky Mountains - This mountain range includes the Hrubý and Nízký Jeseník mountains, the Rychlebské mountains, Králický Sněžník and the Zlatohorská and Hanušovická highlands. The dominant feature of these mountains are the Hrubý Jeseník and its tallest peak Praděd (1,492 meters above sea level).


1) Hotel Montenegro, Krnovská 1020/16, Bruntál – distance to the dialysis centre 600 m
Price: 3 500 CZK/135 EUR
Information: this is an average price includes accommodation for 7 nights including breakfast. The hotel offers rooms and apartments, which are equipped with private bathroom, TV and internet.

2) Hotel complex Avalanche, Dolní Moravice, Rýmařov – distance to Bruntal 15 km
Price: 4 900 CZK/188 EUR
Information: this is an average price includes accommodation for 7 nights including breakfast. The hotel complex offers the accommodation in the hotel, guest house or bungalows. They offer also great variety of sport and relax opportunities. It is excellent place for groups, for both summer and winter vacations.

Dialysis centre

  • Location: in the area of hospital, but in own building (new built in 2009)
  • Treatment modalities: hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration, peritoneal dialysis, outpatient nephrology care
  • Opening hours: Mondays - Saturdays 6:00-18:00
  • Number of dialysis chairs: 12
  • Amenities: TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, Food, Drinks

Experiences of patients

I have a brother in Slovakia near Zvolen and we wanted to spend a week there during the summer. Thanks to holiday dialysis, we ended staying for the whole month, and we’ve already got plans to come back next year. For me, it’s like a vacation by the sea, but maybe even better.

Miroslav, Prague